Travel Size Spritzers and Clorox Anywhere

by gracebrooke

I love using little travel size spritzers for various fluids. Currently, one of my favorite items to put into a travel spritzer is Clorox Anywhere hard surface spray. Having two kids, I am always concerned where my kids put the hands and mouths. I keep a spritzer of the Anywhere hard surface spray in my purse, diaper bag, and luggage for when I travel. It is great to use on shopping carts, table tops at restaurants, chairs, toys, and bathroom stalls. I recently used it on a steering wheel of a rental car. You never know who’s hands have been on it!

Other fluids I have put in travel size spritzers are: Febreze fabric refresher, Downy wrinkle releaser, hair spray, stain remover for clothes, and face misters.



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