10 Minute Roundup

by gracebrooke

One thing I like to do every morning when I wake up and every evening before I go to bed is something I call the 10 Minute Roundup. I give myself 10 minutes in the morning to make beds, pick up water glasses, and anything that was left out after I went to bed (sometimes that involves straightening the pillows on the sofa). In the evening, my 10 minutes is used to pick up stray toys, clothes left on the floor, put dishes in the dishwasher, and straighten the pillows on the sofa. You can use a laundry basket or tote of some sort to help you roundup items that are not in their place. Get the kids involved and have a race to see who can pick up the most misplaced items the fastest! You may get this down to a 5 Minute Roundup!

This 10 Minute Roundup gives me the opportunity to maintain my space and a sense of order. It helps me to sleep better and start my day on the right foot.

Think about your space and all that can be done in a 10 Minute Roundup. Start this evening before going to bed. When you have a maintenance system setup, your space won’t be quite as overwhelming.

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