Family Command Center

by gracebrooke

Does your family or household have a central location which is designated for incoming & outgoing mail, calendar/schedules, phone with answering machine, and a tickler file (refer to Organizing Tools – Tickler File)? Every household should have something I call a ‘Command Center’. This is where each member of the family or house posts appointments, birthdays, important events, etc.. and temporary stores documents that need action taken. This is also the location to take and leave phone messages and other notes for members of the house. It could be as simple as a countertop in the kitchen.
It is important to have one member assigned as the manager of the Command Center. There is usually only of caption on a ship and one manager of a Command Center. Often this role is given to the mom. If there is another person that is responsible, good with following through on chores and/or projects, and enjoys managing schedules, give this person the role of Command Center manager.

Here are a few items each Command Center should have:

  • Phone with answering machine
  • Large calendar with room for multiple schedules
  • Various colored pencils/markers with one assigned to each member of household
  • In and out box for mail
  • Trash can with shredder
  • Office supplies (pens, tape, stapler with staples, stamps, rubber-bands, return address labels, envelopes, scissors, etc.)
  • Tickler file
  • Some kind of magnetic or cork board for posting memos, notes, shopping list, etc.
  • Chalk or white board
  • Frequently used and important contact names and phone numbers

This center can be customized to your family’s needs. With a system such as this setup and used regularly, your family will not miss appointments, forget important dates or events, bills will be mailed on time, and everyone will be well-informed of the whereabouts of other family members. The benefits are endless!



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