Tickler File

by gracebrooke

A tickler file is simply a set of 31 numbered files representing each day of the month and a set of 12 files behind them for each month of the year. You may have heard of a tickler file before, but haven’t taken advantage of it. Make a point this month to set one up. It will save you the embarrassment of missing your next doctor’s appointment, friend’s birthday, or girls night out. As invitations, tickets, school projects, permission slips, or anything with date-specific importance make their way into your home, you can file them into your tickler file. When the event draws near, you will have all the information needed. Just make sure to put the information into the file for the date you need to take action on, not when it is due. Keep information for later months in the 12 monthly folders. This is a good place for birthday cards, vacation information, holiday planning, etc..

A tickler file system should occupy prime real estate (such as your household command center/information center). It should be checked daily and works only if used regularly.

The following link takes you to a simple and inexpensive system that can be used as your tickler file. Staples

 There are a few versions out there. Choose one that fits your wants and needs. 

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