Gift Wrapping On Limited Space

by gracebrooke

I sure envy those that have a room spared just for wrapping gifts! I have never been one to take too much time in wrapping gifts. However, sometimes I think if I had a that special room just for wrapping gifts, I could produce really wonderful, decorative presents. (It’s a similar thought to having your room tidy and neat only if you had the fancy closet storage system!) In reality, one could create elegant, jaw-dropping pieces of art using very little space. All you need are the right tools and an efficient storage system for your supplies right at your fingertips.

Now if you are one that doesn’t want to hassle with the rolls of paper, miss-mash of gift bags, and tying your own bows, consider outsourcing the task to someone that can do it for you. Saves you time and space!

Recently, I did some research for a client that needed a place to store her gift wrapping supplies and had limited space. I found a few space saving, attractive, and efficient products that would help in containing and organizing her supplies. Take a look at these great ideas!

(click on the photo for more information on each product)







Two of my favorites! (below)


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