Toys On Wheels

by gracebrooke

Toys! Where do you put all of them? That is a question I get asked often. My first suggestion is to NOT use a toy chest. I have found them to be ‘blackholes’ for toys. If your child wants a specific toy, he/she either can’t find it in the ‘blackhole’ or they have to pull EVERYTHING out because it is located at the bottom of the chest.

bushel-box2Here is a simple, DIY alternative to storing toys in a toy chest. Get a handful of wooden boxes (like the wooden apple box in the photo…they can be purchased for very little or you may be lucky and find someone giving them away) and mount 4 casters/rollers to the underside four corners of the box.

If you prefer the distressed look, leave them as is. Otherwise, consider painting the boxes in the same color scheme as the room or use chalk board paint. Using chalk board paint makes labeling the boxes a breeze. Just write what belongs in the box with chalk! This way the toys can be switched out at anytime and quickly labeled with the new information. The children can add their own art work as well.

Due to the smaller size of the wooden boxes, toys can be sorted by type (books, dolls, cars, Little People, blocks, etc.) and they won’t get lost as easily. These boxes can be rolled into another room to be played with or rolled out of sight and out of the way. (As a young child, I would of had fun using the box on wheels as a little go-cart… Didn’t the Little Rascals have something like this?)

It is a simple project and could add some charm to any playroom!

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