Efficiency Tip – Credit Card At Your Fingertips!

by gracebrooke

These days it is convenient to purchase necessities and luxuries right from the comfort of your own computer/desk/home. Some websites make it even more convenient and save your credit card information right on their secured site. For the websites that don’t save your information (or if you prefer it not to be saved) and the times when you need to renew your membership, update account information, or purchase more organizing supplies, keep a copy of your credit card right at your workstation.

I use to have to get up from my desk, walk into the other room, and get my credit card from my wallet. I was always feeling annoyed that I had to stop what I was doing, get up, and retrieve my card information. It was more of a hassle. One day (years ago), it dawned on me. Make a copy!

I now have a copy of each of my credit cards stored (securely) at my desk. Don’t forget to make a copy of the backside as well. You often need the 3-digit code to make a purchase. By simply making a copy of my credit cards and keeping them conveniently stored at my desk, I can be more efficient and eliminate the interruption of having to leave my desk. It is a simple tip, but can make a big impact in your efficiency and moving forward with a task.

It is also wise to keep a copy of your credit cards in a file or fire-proof safe in case of emergency or if they are stolen.

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