Reclaim Your Power: Transforming Overwhelm

by gracebrooke

This is an article written by a local Life Coach who helps people find their passion and transition from overwhelm to a sence of peace. We all deal with some sort of overwhelm on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn how you can reclaim your power! There is a special offer at the end.

overwhelmedWe are all powerful individuals. The question is how is that power being drained throughout the days, weeks and months as we navigate business, home, family and spiritual lives? All aspects of your life can be inspiring and engaging in the correct mixture but too often we find ourselves tired, questioning our abilities, lacking creativity and overextended.

We have all experienced overwhelm at one time or another. We know the feelings of frustration at having to put in the time and energy to handle the diverse situations of daily life.

In a state of overwhelm some people may find that their personal relationships suffer. They no longer have the drive to connect in meaningful ways with their family and friends. For some their relationship with their business has become the primary relationship and the business has become a stern taskmaster.

For others health suffers. They find they cannot sleep – waking up in the middle of the night worrying. Lunch is eaten on the run or at their desk while checking e-mail. Their body is feeling lethargic from sitting in front of the desk or computer for long hours at a time…exercise feels like it would be a luxury item.

You know you are in a state of overwhelm when:

  • You dread doing what you once loved to do
  • You wake up in the middle of night worrying
  • Your shoulders feel like the world is sitting on them
  • You find yourself thinking if you just did more and worked harder you could make it all come together

When you are overwhelmed, you need to make different choices. The actions you would normally take to move toward success are not necessarily the best ones to get you out of overwhelm.

Albert Einstein said “a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.”

I am going to share some strategies to identify and get out of overwhelm and preventing it from returning. TAKE A BREATH….This is not about increasing your to-do list.

  1. Know your overwhelm set point

The first step is to recognize that we are overwhelmed. We have often been pushing for so long that we have begun to think it is normal. Each of us has a set point that is present before we are overextended. This is the line between being happily busy and productive to being overwhelmed. To discover your set point think back to a time when you were happily busy and productive…functioning at the top of your game. What were you doing? Discovering your set point may also require an internal journey to discover how you really want the rhythm of your life to unfold. By knowing your set point, you may be able to avoid being overwhelmed, or may notice it more quickly and be able take corrective action sooner.

  1. Prioritize Differently

When in the state of overwhelm there is a different way of prioritizing that supports us….it is more of a “crisis intervention mindset” rather than business as usual. Rather than looking at the most important items and plugging away, look for the easiest to complete. Do the project that can be done quickly and easily.

  1. Focus on the inner Journey

The state of being overwhelmed begins with a state of mind. Thoughts come in “How am I going to get all this done? I don’t have any time for myself? What is going to happen next?” Feelings of fatigue, irritation and frustration are telling you that you are running on empty!

When you are driving your car and you are running out of gas, do you keep on going? Do you say I don’t have time for gas? Do you get angry because the car is running out of gas? No…you pay attention to what is happening in the moment and stop for gas.

Are you mindful of filling up your own tank or do you ignore that you are running out of gas…which is energy, vitality, creativity and joy? If you recognize that your positive emotions are missing give yourself the time and attention necessary to bring yourself back into balance.

  1. Vacation Days

Just as your body needs to recharge so does your mind. That requires rest on a regular basis. That means taking at lease one vacation day per week. Notice I used the word vacation rather than weekend day. Our weekends are usually filled with more obligations, laundry, grocery shopping, catching up in many areas (including business) and if anything is left over time for us. Now vacation holds a different energy…one of recharging, refreshing, relaxing, carefree and fun. (Take a moment a picture a weekend day….now visualize a vacation day for yourself) How are they different…which would you like more of?

By taking regular time off (at least one vacation day per week) you are supported in keeping your creativity high and the ability to meet whatever presents itself in a positive manner.

  1. Take Inspired Action

An inspired action is one that you look forward to or that brings you joy. Look for the reason this task has merit or how it will benefit others. When we are pushing and forcing ourselves to just get one thing done after another overwhelm and exhaustion occurs. Every task no matter how mundane can have a component of inspiration within it. Look for a way to create an inspiring environment for the tasks that are more challenging. If a task is not inspired release it for a time and see what comes up.

Make a decision to choose a strategy the will get you started transforming overwhelm. Bring up one area of your life and other areas will automatically enhance also.

There are times when no matter what you do overwhelm is going to be present. I then focus on a favorite quote:

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day…saying I will try again tomorrow.”

If you are overwhelmed and would like assistance I have a special opportunity for you. For the first 5 people that contact me at, mention this article, and I will give you ½ hour of personal coaching.

Wishing you all the best…

Karen Halseth 707-824-9680               

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