Create A Portable Homework Station For Your Schoolchild

by Grace Brooke

Schoolchild Portable OfficeDoing homework at a desk can feel constricting for some children. To eliminate the problem, I created this stylish portable homework station for my 5- year old daughter to hold all of her school supplies. I liked this craft organizer which I found at Michael’s because it had a handle, lots of pockets, and a small drawer. My daughter uses the organizer to stores her scissors, stapler, paper clips, glue stick, markers, large supply of pencils (no excuses to get up from doing homework to look for another pencil), and flash cards. There is a Lazy Susan base for ease of use.

The portable organizer gives my daughter the flexibility and convenience to work at her desk, at the kitchen table, or at her grandmother’s house. She has everything she needs at her fingertips.

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