5 Reasons To Marry A Professional Organizer

by Grace Brooke

Are you considered the “organized” or “disorganized” one in the relationship? It seems in most relationships there is one partner that is a little more organized than the other. The “organized” one always knows where their keys are. The “disorganized” one is constantly searching and running late because their keys mysteriously disappeared. Which one are you?

Recently, my spouse, Dave wrote a humorous article on what it is like being married to a professional organizer (the pros and cons). (He is considered the “disorganized” one in our relationship.) I wasn’t aware of the article until it was complete and posted online. To my surprise, I found it comical. In an odd way, I viewed it as a love letter from Dave.

Get the inside scoop on what life is like living with a professional organizer by reading, “Top 5 Reasons for Marrying a Professional Organizer” by Dave Gary. This article got Dave an interview with The Wall Street Journal in Nov. 09 for an article on messy vs. neat.

Oh, and if you have to know the cons, click here. (I found this to be pretty funny.)

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