Learn From My Mistake – A Lesson In Saving Time And Money!

by Grace Brooke

wasting timeSomething is out of whack! For the past two days I have wasted time and money by mismanaging my time and making silly mistakes that could have been avoided. Could it be my diet? Three days ago I cut out all sugar and caffeine as part of my new cleansing program. I thought it would help me focus better, but instead I believe it may be contributing to my absent-minded behavior! Maybe I’m being too paranoid. But if it’s not my diet, then could it be the weather? Are the planets not lining up correctly? Or perhaps I hit my head and not know it?

I called home yesterday to say that I was “pissing myself off”. I was so frustrated and confused by my recent lack of time-management skills. Normally, my daily schedule is filled with routines and very little time-wasters. I take pride in my ability to manage time well and be efficient in completing my errands and tasks.

On Sunday morning I set out to run three errands. I planned my route before leaving to save time and gas. When I got all the way across town, I realized that I didn’t have the address for one of the locations (I was trying to go off of memory). I spent a few minutes driving around to see if I could find it… but no luck. I then set out for the second stop. When I arrived, the store was closed! I was there 40 minutes before the store was scheduled to open. I wasted a good 45 minutes of my morning and a couple gallons of gas. Ugh!

I was okay when I got to my third and final stop.

On Monday I packed up my kids and headed off to run two more errands. It was raining cats and dogs outside, making for extremely dangerous driving conditions. One of my errands was to go by the bank (two different banks, to be exact). As I got within 100 feet from the bank, the light bulb went off in my head. It’s a holiday…BANKS ARE CLOSED! UGH! “What is going on with me?” I asked. I had another episode later in the day as well. I was scheduled to meet someone and I made sure to be at the location on time despite the heavy rain and wind. As I was waiting, I decided to check my voicemail. Guess what? There was a message there from the person I was to meet (from 6 hours earlier!) apologizing that she couldn’t make it. The rain and flooding kept her stranded at home. Another wasted trip, more wasted time and money!

To learn from my silly mistakes and avoid wasting time and money yourself, follow these simple steps:

  • Check voicemail in a timely manner – especially if you know you have a message!
  • Write things down on paper – don’t rely on your memory. Your brain is full enough!
  • When planning your day and route, make sure to pay attention to the time (and holidays). Will your destination be open for business when you arrive?
  • It is helpful to call and confirm appointments a day ahead or on the same day. This will save you time and money by avoiding driving to an appointment only to have the other party be a “no-show”.

I hope the planets get aligned quickly, the weather improves, and the “no sugar” in my diet stops rotting my brain!

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