Get Expert Advice For F*R*E*E – Organize, Simplify and Thrive!

by Grace Brooke

MeetupLogoRecently, I started a new Meetup group  that offers inspiration, motivation and valuable information to people who are experiencing the effects of clutter. Chances are, this clutter is hindering their chances of success.

Get F*R*E*E tips and ideas on how to create customized systems as well as streamline your current systems to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

This group is for anyone that is READY to deal with their clutter and disorganized ways of being, or are at least willing to come along for the ride and learn some new tricks for when they are ready.

Wherever you are on your path, I will meet you and give you a flashlight to find your own way through the darkness, a shovel to dig your own way out of the mess, and a cheering squad to help you celebrate every victory along the way. For, there is no triumph without adversity.

By eliminating the unimportant, we make room for what is important.

Become a “clutter crusher” and start creating new, healthy habits!

For more information and details on our next meeting, click here Organize, Simplify and Thrive Meetup group.

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