Top 5 Reasons To Keep Your Desk A Mess

by Grace Brooke


Does this look familiar?

Does this look familiar?

  1. You love a good game of hide-n-seek!
  2. It’s provides uncontroversial evidence of how important you are.  Think about it…it strokes your ego. You think to yourself that important people are always busy. And busy people have overflowing inboxes. So that must mean, the more paper I can cram into my inbox, the more important I must be.
  3. It provides a permanent unspoken excuse for being late. Everyone knows you have a messy desk. They have seen you time and again digging through your piles trying to find one thing or another. So no more “sorry I’m late, I had to…” excuses for being late. Now when you are late to a meeting, a luncheon, or an appointment, everyone silently thinks “he must have lost something and spent all his time looking for it”.
  4. It helps to re-live your teenage years. Remember when you spent all morning searching franticly for your favorite parachute pants? So now as you search for your iphone it provides a bit of comfort knowing that this is how it has always been.
  5. You take pride in your “pile of useful tidbits”. You’ve spent years accumulating your collection of useful information. Deep down inside you know that 1975 copy of TIME magazine will one day come in handy. Just wait until someone needs to know the average length of a Chameleon’s tongue. It’s twice the length of its body.

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