5 Tips to Organizing Your Handbag

by Grace Brooke

Want a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to organizing? Consider organizing your handbag then. Your handbag is something you use each day. It can cause stress and make you feel disorganized. Avoid the 30 minutes + scavenger hunts when looking for your favorite pen, lip balm, or cell phone.

It seems large handbags are still the craze with many women. I often wonder how women can find things in that big, dark hole.  It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the smaller handbag or larger handbag, these 5 tips will help you organize your purse so you can simplify and thrive!

zipper pouchSort It: Use various size pouches with zippers to categories the content of your purse. This is a great way to use all those “free with purchase” cosmetic bags we all like to hold onto. Each pouch will hold: makeup, coupons and gift cards, receipts, nail care items, a first aid kit, etc. This way you are reaching for a limited number of pouches and not throwing items like crazy out of your purse in search of that gift certificate for a massage you so desperately need!

key clip


Clip It: Use a clip to store your keys to the inside of your handbag or attach to the strap. Avoid wasting time searching for your keys. Always keep your keys clipped to your handbag when they are not in use.


Purge It: Get into the habit of going through your purse and purging scraps of paper that you no longer need along with gum wraps, tissue and receipts. The receipts that you need to keep for business purposes should be held onto and stored with other business receipts. If you need to return an item and need the receipt, keep the receipt in the “receipts pouch” (pouch with zipper or a mini accordion organizer) until you have the time to make the return. This way you will save money and time by knowing exactly where the receipt is and getting a full refund.



Cash It: Empty the heavy metal (loose coins) weekly into a decorative jar. Use this money to treat yourself to something special or convert it into bills at a local grocery store. You might be surprised at just how quickly it adds up!


Swap It: Now that your handbag is sorted, compartmentalized and simplified, it is now as simple as 1-2-3 to swap handbags.  1 = grab, 2 = insert, 3 = go.

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