Simple Tips For Your Summer Roadtrip!

by Grace Brooke

Warm breeze combing through your hair, the sun kissing your skin and the radio blaring your favorite song…. Sound familiar? Yes, that is the unforgettable memory of a successful road trip; why not guarantee that your next one will be even better.

Here are some tips to make your trip organized and easy, without any National Lampoon moments.

5 Safety Tipssafety-sign

  • Have your car checked out before departure day.
  • Have your cell phone charged and handy at all times.
  • Don’t advertise your travels- Leaving your maps out, in your car, while in the gas station may be grabbing the attention of an unwanted visitor who has their eye on your luggage and valuables.
  • When making your itinerary, make a copy for a friend and family member- If your copy happens to fly out the window, you can call for easy directions.
  • Know what weather to expect- check here

Have children?

  • Keep a small container of snacks/drinks under or behind the passenger seat- Instead of having to pull over at an inconvenient time for a fast-food burger, plan ahead and buy all your kid’s healthy favorites.
  • New toys and coloring pages- Before you leave buy 2 or 3 little toys to give to your kids throughout the long journey. Also, print out some fun coloring pages from or; it will keep them busy and you sane.
  •  Charge and set up your oh-so handy portable dvd player- The kids will love you for it!


Clean and Organized car

  • Pack an emergency kit- including a small toolbox, jumper cables, emergency flares, a flashlight, an aerosol flat-fixer, and a first-aid kit. Put this in your car last, in an emergency you will know exactly where it is.
  • Have a car organizer– This is the perfect way to stay simplified and with this you are given a limit as to how much you can take with you.( You won’t be over packing to fulfill the worry-wart in you.)
  • Fill your gas tank at the cheapest price-  

Have an awsome road trip and don’t forget to bring your laptop so you can get your daily dose of Grace Brooke at!

What’s your favorite roadtrip tip?

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