S-I-M-P-L-E Spells Camping (At least In My World)

by Grace Brooke

The economy is tough and many families are relying on the good ol’ fashion camping vacation to save a little dough. Reconnecting with Mother Nature and spending some quality time without TVs, cell phones and computers should be relaxing. Use these three tips to avoid stressing about planning and packing for the great outdoors.storae tote 

3 Stress-Free Camping Tips

1. Introducing the marvelous blue storage tote! This tote will be your main storage container for everything except your tent and sleeping bags. One will be designated just for food (that doesn’t need to be refrigerated) and another one for any other small necessities; trash bags, batteries for flashlights/lanterns, plastic silverware, paper plates, cups and plastic zip lock baggies (gallon and quart sizes), cooking fuel/ lighters, fire-starter, paper towels, wet-wipes, first aid-kit, and bug-spray.

 2. Create an inventory list for all your camping gear and categorize your list with the following categories: cooking, sleeping, bathroom, food, pets, personal hygiene, and extras. These categories will then be put into a column (preferably on Microsoft Excel), as well as having a column where you can clarify the quantity to take, quantity on hand, where it’s being stored and what it is you need to purchase.rolled clothes

3. When packing your clothes, make sure to only pack the clothes you know you will need.  Save space and avoid wrinkles by rolling your clothes tightly (like you are rolling a sleeping bag). You will be amazed how much space this will save you. Another option is to pack your clothes into a space saving storage bag. Also, don’t forget to put all dirty clothes into a garbage bag throughout your trip so you know exactly what you need to wash when you return.

Do you have a favorite camping storage or organizing tip? Take a moment to share. Oh, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Camping!



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