Simplify Dad’s Favorite Place This Father’s Day

by Grace Brooke

 To the father who spends hours in the garage; fixing things, tinkering, puttering and relaxing. If dad’s second home is full of tools, knick-knacks, and other equipment, bringing a little bit of order will definitely help make it more enjoyable. Try starting with some new shelving or storage units;  Rubbermaid and GarageTek make some great ones, in a range of prices, as does the Container Store.

Dad's organized garage

Dad's organized garage

Once all the larger items are off the floor and systematized, read my article* on how to creatively store the little odds and ends lying around, with no home. Put the icing on the cake with a few hours of your own time to help dad purge the stuff he no longer uses, organize the things he’s keeping, and give the garage a good scrub down. For any father, a less stressful environment is a good thing but if you find that dad isn’t on-board send him to here and I’m positive he’ll change his mind.

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• *Creative way to store the little things @

• How can you simplify your father’s life this Father’s Day? Share below…

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