Vote For Simplicity!

by Grace Brooke

It is my passion to inspire and motivate others to create the life they want to live. I believe that in order to thrive in life, you must have clarity, a senseOprahWinfreyNetwork of order and well-oiled systems in place. My motto is, “Life doesn’t have to be complicated”… all you need to do is simplify so you can thrive! That may mean cutting back on items we don’t use or love anymore, saying ‘no’ to unimportant tasks on our “to-do” lists, or getting our finances in order and eliminating all debt . Living a simplified life may vary in meaning for each one of us. But what I do best is help people to clarify that meaning and take action on it. This is why I have auditioned for my own television show on Oprah Winfrey’s new network!

The name of my show is “Simplify and Thrive”. The idea is to inspire busy people with chaotic lives to slow down, simplify their processes and discover simple tools that will make life easier. The viewers will learn about and watch hands-on demonstrations of various techniques and systems to organize their daily routines and be more efficient and effective in

I really need help from all my supporters, clients, friends, family, and anybody who would enjoy this type of show idea. I need people to vote vote vote! Here is a link to my audition video. I would deeply appreciate all the votes you have the time to give. There is no limit on how many times you click that little green button, so don’t be shy.

Thank you in advance for your support!!

P.S. Here is another short video I did on the same show idea.

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