Creative Powder Room Storage Solutions

by Grace Brooke

 Make more of the space in your bathroom by using one or all of the following creative ideas:

  • Install a wall-mounted double-toothbrush-holder-8268holder at the sink for your toothpaste and tooth brushes; you can even add a hook for your hair dryer.
  • Hang a storage caddy from the shower-head for your shampoo and conditioners. If you want to get real organized, mount baskets or dispensers for your soap and hair products.  
  • In smaller bathrooms, people often forget to utilize the space above their toilet. Install some shelves wide enough to hold standard-size toiletries.
  • If you have any old spice racks lying around, you can paint it to match the decor in your bathroom. Re-use the rack to hold any supplies or toiletries needing a home.
  •  Keep only the things you use often on hand. Anything else categorized as “overflow” should be stored in a closet outside the bathroom or on a shelve (neatly of course) in the garage.
  • Use an existing rack, or install two standard-size towel bars on the back of the bathroom door shelvesfor towels and robes.
  • Deep molding (3″ – 6″) installed around the perimeter of the space provides storage for essential supplies, or a space for decoration like pictures ect.

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