Simple Summer Organizing – Quick Tips

by Grace Brooke

Simple Summer Organizing Tips for You and The Kids

1. Switch out the old winter toys that are scattered across the back lawn, with the fun summer toys. Put the old toys in the garage or in your long-term storage space. Keep the new toys in an easy-to-reach space, so the kids can get to them as well as be able to put them away.

Remember, it is less of a hassle to get kids to “dump” their things in categorized bins, than to have them line up or hang up items. 

2. Now that school is out we can allow the kids to store their backpacks away for the season. Replace them with a bag full of pool/beach/outdoor items, such as; swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, flip-flops, hiking boots, ect. 

3. If you enjoy gardening, create your own little “center” for your supplies and tools. Make sure none of your fertilizers or pesticides are out of date and keep them sealed up and kept safely out of reach of the little ones.

Finally, enjoy your summer months. They go by quickly!

Do you have a favorite summer activity? If so, please share.

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