Top 10 Reasons to Get Organized

by Grace Brooke

  1. You have a hot date in 10 minutes and you’re throwing everything that is lying around into the coat closet.
  2. The stacks of books throughout the house are now a convenient locations for setting down your drinking glass and car keys. Now where did I leave my keys?
  3. You need to return an item to the store and you spend an hour ransacking the house looking for the receipt.
  4. Your “office” is now the coffee table because all the other flat surfaces are full.
  5. The piles of clean laundry in your bedroom are starting to hinder your sex life because you hate putting the clothes away due to the drawers being too full.
  6. You purchase a cool new gadget to help you get organized, but now you don’t know where you put it.
  7. You use your vehicle for additional storage.
  8. You put items on top of their containers instead of inside.
  9. You’re paying late fees on library books, video rentals and bills.
  10. You return from buying food or new clothes and can’t find an available place to store them so they “live” where you dropped them.

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