The BIG Reveal: Messiest Desk Contest

by Grace Brooke

Recently, I teamed up with local radio station, KZST radio , to find Sonoma County’s messiest desk.

The folks of Sonoma County didn’t waste any time in submitting photos of their messy desks. There were 21 entries that captured hundreds of votes! The winner with the most votes went to a lady named, Juanita.

"Before" Photos of Sonoma County's Messiest Desk

Juanita had the common problem so many of us experience…mounds of paper (bills, mail, coupons, newspapers, etc.) smothering her desk top. Her drawers will filled with unopened office supplies such as pens, post-its, tape, paper clips, rubber bands, staplers, notepads and little odds and ends that didn’t belong in her office.

Paper Management SystemAfter a few hours Juanita and I had the desk cleaned out and the contents sorted. I created a simple file system for Juanita to sort and temporary store her mail, bills, articles to read, action items and information she needed to follow up on. This system sits on Juanita’s desk within arms reach for easy access. This makes it efficient and effective for Juanita to use on a daily bases.

I reclaimed the much needed working surface of the desk by relocating Juanita’s computer tower (CPU) and the printer to a cabinet to the right of the desk.

"After" Photo of Sonoma County's Messiest Desk

“It was nice working with Grace. It was easy because she made suggestions and were not heavy-handed or forceful about what I should throw away or get rid of. Grace helped me to see how I can become better organized and spend my time more effectively. It is wonderful to see my desk top once again! Some of the things Grace suggested can be applied to other areas of my home that also need to be purged and better organized. Thank you for all your help, Grace!” – Juanita

What do you think? What a BIG difference a little purging, sorting and organizing can do!

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