Tips for Motivating Your Spouse to Spring Clean

by Grace Brooke

As women we know that spring cleaning is something that can not be avoided. Some women like cleaning and other women dread it. Whether or not you enjoy the process one thing that can make it a little easier on yourself is to get your spouse involved. How do you do that? Simple.

Tip 1- Offer him rewards for doing so.

Let’s face it, we all know men and women are completely different. Men love to be rewarded, whether that is sexual or not. For example, tell your husband if he vacuums the entire house then you will take him out to dinner and pay for it yourself. Men love a reward and love a good bribe.

Tip 2- Start cleaning in lingerie.

This will not only get your house clean, but it will also give you both something to look forward to after. He will have such a hard time just watching the whole time and will want to take it to the bedroom. Tell him, “not after these dishes have been done,” and he will be forced to do them.

Tip 3- Sit down and talk to your husband about it!

Sometimes women can be so upset about something and their spouse has no idea. He can not read your mind ladies! You have to break it down for him, calmly.

Tip 4- Turn the whole thing into a game.

Try racing your husband around the house to see who can finish cleaning first. Men love games and especially love to win.

Tip 5- Give him an ultimatum.

Say, “I am not cooking dinner tonight until all of the dishes are cleaned, the trash is taken out, and the kitchen floor has been vacuumed and mopped.” If he decides to get smart and say he will go get food somewhere else then I think the problem is bigger than your cleaning issue.

Tip 6- Pick your fights.

A lot of the time men will not do something we ask of them simply because they think we want it done a certain way and we won’t be happy with the way they do it. It is important to pick your fights. Do you want to argue because he didn’t put down the toilet seat or would you rather argue about him never pitching in with anything at all? Little things can be forgotten when it comes to cleaning the house, but there is no need to fight when every single item is a bit out of place. You just need to pick your fights, and sometimes just simply get over it. If it is such a huge deal, again, it would be wise to sit down and talk about it.

Tip 7- Get Help

The last and final tip is to hire someone to help clean the house. If all else fails and you have some extra money in the budget, why not hire someone? It can be a constant struggle to keep asking your husband to help, and you might just be wasting your breath. Hiring a maid will save you a lot of time and stress.

At the end of the day your husband does not want to see you upset and will more than likely shape up once you follow these tips.

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