3 Tips to Prepare Your Closet For Blizzard

by Grace Brooke

Store Off Season Clothes to Save SpaceCan you believe it is already November?  It seems like summer passed as quickly as it came.  As it becomes time to bring out the winter coats, sweaters and scarves, are you finding it difficult to fit everything into what seems like a disappearing closet?

Below are 3 uper-easy tips that can help make room for those items that keep you warm and toasty during the winter months.

1)  Make room for the winter clothes. Go through your dresser and closet and set aside the warm clothes that you won’t be wearing for the next few months or so.  There is no point in taking up valuable space in your closet especially during the months when the clothes become a bit bulkier.

2)  Do repairs before you put it in storage. It is frustrating enough when a button falls off or a hem comes lose, but what is even more frustrating is when you take a pair of shorts out of storage after 4 months and realize that button is still missing!  Take a day to do all the repairs.  This will make getting into your summer clothes much more enjoyable.  Now if only we can say the same for that swim suit! Mend clothes before you store them

3)  Invest in proper storage containers. Clothes have to be stored in the proper containers or they can take on different shapes, color, and even smells!  There are some really great containers out there these days;

  • Space Vacuum Bags: Starting at $13, can be found at www.target.com
  • Crystal Clear Clothing Storage Bin:  Starting at $28, can be found at www.organize.com
  • Skyline Underbed Storage Box: Starting at $12, can be found at www.organize.com

And the best part is that these tips can easily be flipped and used when the sun comes out and it is time to store your jackets, scarves, and sweaters!

Bundle up! It is nippy outside. 🙂

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