5 Simple Tips to Organizing the Family Car

by Michelle

Keep your vehicle clutter-free with GraceIt seems these days with more hours logged in our cars than ever before, our cars have taken on the role of our second home.  All the more reason to keep it clean and organized.  It is easy to leave things that have accumulated throughout the day in the car after once you get home.  This habit can lead down a bad road (pun intended).  Below are 5 simple tips on how to maintain an organized, clutter-free car.

1)       There is a glove box in your car for a reason. Use it!  There is room for more than just the registration in the glove box.   GPS, phone chargers, and ipods can easily clutter the passenger seat, a small Ziplock bag can easy keep the chargers, iPod’s, and any other gadgets contained in the glove box.

2)      The trunk can become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items.  Keeping bins in the back can help keep things from rolling all around into a big pile of a mess.  Having things in their place will help keep the unnecessary items out.

3)      A small trash bag in the car will help contain daily trash.  Repeat after me, “I will empty the trash bag everyday!”  A bad smelling car is the worst, and not to mention embarrassing.

4)      At www.organizeyourride.com there are many options to help keep things organized.  Don’t want your jacket to be wrinkled on the ride to work?  No problem, they have a clothes hanger.  Like your things within arm’s reach?  They have great visor organizers that keep things close by.

5)      It is easy to forget, especially with the winter months approaching, that a clean outside can help remind you to keep a clean inside.  Cleaning the outside of your car is the perfect time to do a major clean on the inside.  Bring out the vacuum cleaner and get rid of anything that shouldn’t be in your car.

Getting into a clean car can help start your day off right. Just remember that a clean car in the morning comes from a clean car at night!

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