3 Steps to Achieve Mental Clarity

by Michelle

Need help organizing? Contact Grace Brooke at 707.495.62041) Clear Your Mind – The ability to begin your day and end your day with a clear mind will work wonders.  It is like hitting the refresh button on your browser when things have frozen.  Before you go to bed, lay there for a few minutes with the lights off.  Focus on your breathing – in through your nose, and out through your mouth.  Take nice deep even breathes.  Now, imagine a dot floating straight through space.  Keep your concentration on the dot moving seamlessly through space and nothing else.  This will clear your mind as you drift off into sleep.  When you wake in the morning, do the same thing.  Only this time think about that dot floating towards a bright light.  Imagine the light slowly becoming brighter and brighter.  When the light becomes too bright to focus on, open your eyes and begin your day with a clear mind.

2) Daily Check Lists – Daily check lists help keep all your thoughts in order.  It is easy to think about one thing that you must do today and go off on a tangent completely forgetting something else that was very important to get done.  A check list will keep your mind on track. Get into the habit of doing a “brain dump” every morning.

3) Focus on Mini Goals – Mini goals are a great way to stay mentally organized.  When thinking about a task or a project it is very easy to think about how much has to get completed in order for it to be finished.  Most projects are very time consuming and therefor need more than a day to complete.  So make a mini goal for the day.  Not only will you feel more accomplished at the end of the day, you will find that your project stays on task, and you will feel at ease during the process of completing it.

Your mind is the root of your ability to complete tasks and projects, to maintain your organized life, and to keep you sane.

“More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity” – Francois Gautier

Chime in…What is your favorite method for clearing your mind? What do you enjoy most about having a clear mind?

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