4 Tips to Organize Your Daily Life

by Michelle

Are you consistently missing appointments?  Forgetting to pick up the kids from soccer practice?  Not getting to the bank before it closes?  All of these misfortunes can be avoided if you learn how to organize your daily schedule.  Below are some very simple tips on how to organize your daily schedule so you never miss an appointment again!

  • Use a daily planner. Either on your smartphone or in your paper-based calendar system. There is no way you can remember everything, jot it down.  If you see it, you will do it.  There are many types of planners that you can find.  At-a-Glance has some of my favorite paper-based formats. Check them out here. Here is a list of online calendars that work great with smartphones and will keep you organized and on time.
    • iCal by Apple
    • Google Calendar
    • Microsoft Outlook 2010
    • BusyCal for Mac lovers
    • Yahoo Calendar
    • Cozi – great for families
  • Consolidate errands. If you know that you have to pick up your kid from soccer practice at 4:00pm where the field happens to be right near the grocery store and the bank, make plans to go to the grocery store and the bank before practice is over.  Consolidating errands will help cut down on travel time, and save gas!
  • Schedule in “Me Time.” Make sure to schedule in time for yourself FIRST.  Even if it is a 15 minute break to get your favorite drink from Starbucks.  That little break will help keep you energized to finish out your day.
  • Color code. Keeping like items in the same color will help you visually remember your schedule.  If you know that all work meetings are in red and you see a 3 hour block of red on your schedule, you know what to expect.

Make sure your planner is portable and always with you.  That way if something comes up you can jot it down at that moment.  This way nothing every goes unnoticed.  Just remember to always know where your planner is!

Chime in… Do you prefer a paper planner or using your smartphone to keep track of appointments? Have you ever lost your planner before?

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