3 Steps To Win The War Of Laundry

by Michelle

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Laundry is probably one of the least favorite household chores there is.  Maybe it is just me, but it never seems to end.  And in all honesty, if you don’t do your laundry naked, you are never completely finished with it!  That is why some sort of system had to be figured out to help take the dread of doing laundry away from me. Below are 3 pretty simple steps that can be implemented into any household.

Keep the laundry moving – There is no need to let the laundry pile up for an entire week (hopefully not more) if you can do smaller loads throughout the week.  Pick a couple of your least busy days, maybe on days when the kids don’t have after-school activities, or on days when you don’t have to cook dinner.  This would be good days to incorporate a couple loads of laundry.  This way it keeps the dread of laundry day away.

Sorting is a thing of the past – Of course you have to sort to some degree put when it comes to washing only the gray colored items together, and the blue items together it becomes quite a large task and you may never see the bottom of your hamper.  Keep is simple when sorting – dark colors, and light colors.  You can also get laundry detergent that works great with mixing the darks and lights.

Get the family involved – I have never seen in any handbook that the laundry is designated to one person and one person only.  A very easy way to figure it out is that everyone is in charge of their own laundry on their own specific day.  You could also just have specific days for everybody.  That way the laundry keeps moving and not one person is stuck with the burden of it.

With these steps the laundry will gain some sort of control.  At least you will consistently be keeping up with it.  Here is to a beautiful wardrobe and a beautifully clean laundry room!

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