Messy Closet Winner Revealed!

by Grace Brooke

We have a winner!

In January 2012, I teamed up with Closet Crafters of Santa Rosa, CA and KZST radio for a unforgettable Messy Closet Contest.

What does it take to earn the title, “Messiest Closet in Sonoma County”? Well, besides an overwhelming amount of clothes, it takes having one reach-in closet, shared between two people and having only a closet rod and shelf.

Messy Closet Contest "Before" Photo“Before” photo of Debbie’s closet

A pile of shoes“Before” photo of Debbie and her husband’s shoes

With dozens of people (brave souls) submitting photos of closets that were busting at the seams, listeners of KZST radio got to vote for their favorite “messy closet”.

The lucky winner, Debbie, of Sebastopol, CA, won a full closet makeover. She received the help of myself and my faithful apprentice, Morgan (aka “The Morganizer”) to purge and organize her clothes along with a custom closet system courtesy of Closet Crafters.

The Morganizer!My apprentice, Morgan (aka “The Morganizer”)


Debbie did such a fantastic job by letting go of SEVEN black garage bags full of clothes (plus 2 more from a previous purge)! I was so impressed with her efforts. It wasn’t an easy task. She was such a trooper for letting us come into her bedroom and go through all her drawers and closet!

Clothes to be donated7 garbage bags of clothes to be donated!

The “after” photos are absolutely gorgeous!

The closet system by Closet Crafters adds a touch of sophistication and class. The shelving provides great storage and enough space for shoes, jeans, and folded sweaters.  We doubled the hanging space by adding a double rod and using all one color/type hanger. Color coding the hanging garments makes it easy for Debbie and her husband to find what they need to get dress each morning.

 Closet Makeover“After” Photo of Debbie’s closet


We folded and “filed” t-shirts into the drawers making it easy to see and retrieve each shirt. We folded the shirts to have the decals showing.

folded t-shirtsOrganized drawers

It is easy to get superb results when you work with great people!  Thank you to Closet Crafters of Santa Rosa for their amazing work and to KZST for giving the residence of Sonoma County, CA the opportunity to win a full closet makeover.


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Testimonial from the “Messy Closet” winner:

I had the great fortune to win the “Messiest Closet” contest on KZST.  It was a tough contest to enter since I knew it would involve exposing my “dirty little secret”.  I was very excited but also very nervous.  I have always been a pack rat (which doesn’t sound as incapacitating as being a hoarder).

                Grace Brooke arrived with a high school student doing a project helping with organizing.  I thought I’d be very uncomfortable with the process of purging but Grace made me feel so at ease.  We spoke about the process and goals before we dug in.   She had me get a chair, sit and “relax” and the process began.  At first I felt like I should be up and actively involved so I wouldn’t feel guilty.  That feeling would subside quickly when Grace started “working her magic”.  She explained that the ultimate objective of the process was to make the person purging feel good about themselves.  I’d never really thought about that ultimate outcome but it was so true.

                As we began the purging Grace was truly concerned about my feelings.  She was so empathetic that she would listen to the characteristic of my breathing and ask if I was all right.  She’d ask if I needed to take a break to be sure the process was not too stressful.  With her encouragement and support we managed to fill nine big garbage bags with things I didn’t want or need.  Nine garbage bags!  It was hard to believe there was that much “stuff” in my closet let alone “stuff” I didn’t need.

                Never during the process did she make me feel guilty that I had let my closet get to this unorganized state.  She seemed genuinely concerned that the final result was not only going to look great but that I was going to feel success and freedom by clearing my closet and my spirit. 

                We went through the closet and my dresser drawers and she gave me ideas of how to organize the remaining possessions.  It inspired me to go through other drawers in the bedroom and I was not only able to free myself of other unnecessary belongings but also found treasures I forgot I had since they had been hidden for so long.

                With Grace’s guidance I feel liberated.  The closet is beautiful but more importantly, I am ready to move ahead and let go of history that is useless but that I felt an unnatural attachment to.

                Thank you Grace!!!                        


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