What to Shred?

by Michelle

Need help sorting through your papers? Contact Grace Brooke at 707.495.6204Deciding between what to shred and what to recycle can sometimes get confusing, but the easiest way to be certain is any document that has any of the following information on it: account numbers, birth dates, maiden names, passwords and pins, signatures, and social security numbers.  Shredding these documents helps protect you from identity theft which is a crime that is rapidly increasing.  Below are more documents that should be shredded as well:

  • ATM receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Birth certificate copies
  • Canceled and voided checks
  • Credit card bills
  • Credit reports
  • Driver’s licenses (expired)
  • Employment documents that have any identifying
  • Expired passports and visas
  • Investments account #s
  • Legal documents
  • Investment, stock and property transactions
  • Items with a signature (leases, contracts, letters)
  • Luggage tags
  • Medical and dental records
  • Papers with a Social Security number
  • Passwords or PIN numbers
  • Pay stubs
  • Pre-approved credit card applications
  • Receipts with checking account numbers, credit card numbers or any other identifying information
  • Tax forms
  • Transcripts with identifying information on them
  • Travel itineraries
  • Used airline tickets
  • Utility bills (telephone, gas, electric, water, cable TV, Internet)

If your shredding needs are substantial look into using a company that specializes in shredding.  These companies are great because they come pick you your paper that needs to be shredded and take it away.  Find a company that recycles the paper.  Shredded paper can easily be recycled as packing peanuts, or even composted.  There are many ways to get rid of it and be environmentally friendly.

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