3 Easy Step to Organizing Any Playroom

by Michelle

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A playroom is a place that should allow for imaginations to run wild, however if it is cluttered and one big mess, not much imagining or playing is going to take place.   Below are 3 easy steps that will help you get started on tackling the playroom:

1)      Group it together.  Keep like toys together.  For example, keep all the dolls next to the doll house along with all the accessories, all the trains should be near the train tracks, and art supplies together at a table where the little ones would have everything they need.  Keeping everything together helps to keep toy pieces together and not get lost.  This also gives them a distinguished area to play with their toys so they don’t consume the entire room…or the rest of the house!

2)      Sort and label it!  It is never too early to learn the concept of putting things back from where they came.  Labeling and having specific “homes” for the toys helps keep things from becoming cluttered or misplaced. Don’t overlook the importance of this step!

3)      Keep it simple.  Too many toys can be overwhelming for you and your little one.  Be sure to go through the toys regularly and remove toys that are no longer being played with or broken.  Gently used toys can always be donated or consigned. Check out the Just Between Friends Consignment Events.

With these 3 easy steps you will regain control of the playroom and your little ones will be able to play for hours in a neatly organized space.  And what is even better, they will be able to put it back the way they found it! (Make sure to do a “10-Minute Round-Up” after each play session.)

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