Back to School Success at Home

by Grace Brooke

Organize Your Child's Workspace

Organize Your Child’s Workspace

Today I’ll be continuing my post on how to help your child become a better organized student. Along with being organized at school, it is important that your child stay organized at home and that they have a designated spot to do homework and keep their materials.

At home, they need what author, Donna Goldberg, refers to as the “Desktop Filing System”. This file box should be kept at home on their desk. You will need a file box, file tabs, inserts for file tabs, hanging files, and if you have one, a label maker. Also, it’s great to have a calender to hang on the front.

Desktop File Box

Start by…

  • Identifying your child’s needs. What paperwork do they have to file? What classes are they taking? Create a file for each class and also for other needs like extracurricular activities and invitations.
  • Once you have created the files, place a calender on the front of the file box. Use this calender to identify important dates such as tests and project due dates.
  • Continue to encourage your kid to file their papers. Designate projects and large materials to a different area.

Next you will want to set up their desk…

  • Invest in some desk organizing accessories that help to keep scissors, pens, erasers, paperclips…etc in separate sections.
  • Go through your child’s desk and throw away any unnecessary items. Use baggies or containers to temporarily organize items into groups.
  • Make sure that the desktop stays open. You want this area to be designated as a workspace, not for clutter. Materials should be kept in drawers.

Organized Desk Drawer


Happy Back-to-School Days!

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