The Importance of Routines

by Grace Brooke

School Time Routines

School Time Routines


Kids need routine in order to feel a sense of stability and security in their lives. In preparation for back to school, start early by getting back into the school time routine. Here are a few tips…


  • One to two weeks before school starts, get your kids back into the habit of waking up early. Summertime has most likely allowed for some sleeping in which will make early mornings difficult. Transition back into the school year routine by having your kids slowly start waking up earlier each morning. This way, waking up early on the first day of school wont come as much of a shock.
  • Along with waking up early, make sure your kids are getting to sleep on time. Remember that they should be getting anywhere from 8-10 hours a night. A week or two before school starts, use the time after dinner to transition into a pre bedtime routine.
  • A great way to help younger kids get ready in the morning is to create¬† a playlist for them. That way, they know that by the end of the first song, whichever that may be, they should be up and putting their clothes on, and by the end of the last song, they should be tying their shoes and getting ready to go. It is a good way to teach them the concept of time.
  • Reestablish mealtimes. Try to have breakfast, lunch, and dinners the same time you will when school starts. If your kids pack their own lunches, have them do so the week before to get them back into the habit. This is also a good time to brainstorm new lunch ideas and restock any missing items in the cabinet. Click here to look at some healthy lunch recipes.


Happy Organizing!




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