Tips For Setting Up Your Mobile Office

by Grace Brooke

Autoexec Road Master Car Desk

Autoexec Road Master Car Desk

There are many benefits to setting up a mobile office and being able to have access to your office through your vehicle. It can save money and facilitate professionals such as real estate agents who are frequently on the road and need access to their office. Here are some tips on setting up your mobile office.

What technology you will need: 

  • Laptop
  • WiFi
  • Power converter
  • Printer/scanner/copier/fax
  • Bluetooth
  • Something to organize files

Laptop: An obvious, but necessary, staple to having a mobile office.

WiFi: There are so many places now that offer WiFi; just about every coffee shop. But Verizon also offers a plan where your smartphone can be made into a mobile hotspot. You won’t have to depend on others, you can just pull off to the side of the road and log on anywhere when you have your phone serving as your WiFi connection.

Power Converter: With all these electronics, you will need a power source. With the Peak PKC0BM 150 Watt Cup/Can Power Inverter, you can plug this power inverter into your cigarette lighter outlet which will then give you two AC outlets and 2 USB power outlets. ($22.93 on Amazon)

Printer/scanner/copier/fax: With a power converter, you now have a spot to plug in a printer with scanning and copying capabilities. Since faxing documents is still necessary, try efax, which offers internet fax to email services.

Bluetooth: The Parrot MKi9200 Blue Tooth Hands Free Kit allows you to have a visual display of who is calling and helps to eliminate background noise.

Something to organize files: Autoexec offers a car desk (I included a picture at the top of the blog post) with a place for hanging files and a laptop plate. This serves as necessary desk space to write on and a place to file paper work.



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