The Frugal Gift Wrap Station

by Grace Brooke

I often get asked, “What’s the best way to organize my gift wrapping paper and supplies?” The image above is a genius and frugal way to organize your gift wrap when you have limited space and money.

On the top shelf you will find recycled CEREAL BOXES that are cut and decorated.  They can be used to hold gift bags and gift tags. The CANDLE HOLDERS with CANDLE STICKS are a perfect way to hold and display ribbon. On the next shelf the yarn is kept in recycled SALAD CONTAINERS.  How many of those do we just toss out every day? Do you recognize the PIZZA BOXES?  Yes, they keep all the tissue paper crisp, not crunched. The tin on the side is perfect to keep all the wrapping paper neatly contained but still visible.

It is truly amazing at how many items can be used for several purposes.

Here are a few other clever and resourceful ways to store gift wrap supplies:

Next time, before you toss something into the trash, think if it could be used for something else….

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