The Sewing Binder Kit

by Grace Brooke

If you love to sew, but have found you have been putting projects off because you can’t find your sewing supplies, you are going to love this organizing idea!

Where’s an extra button when you need one? Martha Stewart suggest creating a three-ring-binder repair kit (she’s so clever).

All you need is a Three Ring Binder, a few Zippered Pouches, piece of Felt (use spray starch to keep the needles in place).  You will never have to search for a pin or button again.  Everything is organized and easily accessible.  No more thread getting tangled up and no more “ouchies” while searching for a needle.

You can easily store your binder on a shelf in the closet or on a bookself.

So pull out that pile of button-less shirts and pants and begin tackling them with your new handy Sewing Repair Kit Binder.

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