Favorite Organizing Tool #3

by Grace Brooke

Plastic Food Storage Bags are another one of my all-time favorite organizing tool.  There are so many items you can store and organize using these bags.  They are available in a vast array of sizes including, snack, sandwich, quart, gallon and even 2 gallon sizes.  You can grab a box at just about anywhere you shop.

Plastic food storage bags are great for freezing foods such as meats, soups and fruit.  They are also great for storing and organizing holiday decorations or toys.  The bags can be used for traveling or even packing material for breakable items.  With a Sharpie pen you can easily label  the plastic bags with a date an item was put in the freezer, what technical device a plug belongs to or even what nails or screws belong to a certain item.


Here are a few more ways you can organize using plastic storage bags:

1. Put all your spare keys in little snack size bags and label them so you don’t lose your head when you lose your keys!

2. Divide each weeks’ worth of pills and vitamins among seven labeled snack size bags.

3. When it’s raining, bring along a larger size plastic bag to store your wet umbrella in so you can still stash it in your purse.

4. Marinate meat by placing your chicken breasts in with your marinade and stick it in the fridge until it’s ready.

5. Store your iPad in a gallon size plastic bag to avoid spills and sticky fingers.


Check out these examples of what can be stored and organized using plastic food storage bags.


Store some yummy snacks for yourself or kids.  (I thought this was cute using a paperclip and pipe-cleaner).

Store and keep your ribbon organized using sandwich or gallon size plastic bags.

Finally a way to store and organize all those tiny little toys like LEGOS!!!

Traveling?  Here is a great way to organize your children’s clothes using gallon size plastic bags. They are also great to pack your liquid necessities such as shampoo and lotion to keep from exploding all over your clothes.

This is a great idea if you have kids who play sports.  Get a wet sponge, put it in a plastic bag and freeze it.

Presto!  You have an ice-pack.

Another great idea to store and organize all your tech STUFF.

Here is a clever way to use a plastic bag for pancake mix or frosting.  Happy decorating!

Plastic Bags are easy to wash and reuse.

Happy Organizing!

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