Favorite Organizing Tool #4

by Grace Brooke


Do you ever want to hang something, but you hate patching holes in the wall? Or know that your landlord would have a fit if you did?  Well, now you can have the freedom to hang just about anything… ANYWHERE!!! 

Check out my all-time favorite organizing tool #4

The 3M Command Interlocking Strips and Hooks.


They can be found at Home Depot, OSH, Target and of course Amazon.  The hooks come in white, clear, brass and clear with wire hooks.

Use these nifty little strips to hang pictures on your wall.  No need to knock on the walls to find a stud that will keep a nail secure (oh, so many jokes I could make here).  The directions are simple and friendly for everyone to follow.

Organize your jewelry and keep them tangled free.

Hang your holiday decorations.  Simply attach the hook upside-down on the inside of a cabinet, attach a ribbon to display a wreath or Christmas greeting cards.


 Hang your broom and mop.

Hang your baking accessories on the inside of your cabinet.



I love this! It’s a Kleenex box filled with plastic bags mounted to the inside of a cabinet.

Mount gadgets to the dash of your car.

Another organizing tool where the possibilities are endless.  What will you hang?

Happy Organizing!


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