Favorite Organizing Tool #6

by Grace Brooke

My next all-time favorite organizing tool is the clear shoe box.


The clear shoe box can easily store and organize all your shoes, flip-flops, slippers and some boots.  But like most other organizing tools, you can use the clear shoe box to store and organize other items such as pictures, fabric, arts and crafts, gloves, belts, Tupperware lids, small toys, Lego’s and Barbie clothes. The possibilities are endless.  I personally use them to store first aid supplies and sort my medications (cold and flu, allergies, etc.) They also work great for sorting cookie cutters, baking tools and gadgets, electronic cords and greeting cards. These boxes are fabulous because you can see what is inside of them, they stack on top of one another and they are very affordable. Makes for the perfect organizing product/tool.


These boxes can easily fit in your closet, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, or pantry.


Even though the boxes are clear, it is still helpful to label what you are storing inside.


When it comes to storing shoes, it is helpful to take a photo of the shoes and attach it to the front of the shoe box.


Use a clear sliding shoe box to store fabric napkins and other linens.


I use these boxes for just about anything…anything that will fit inside it that is!


Happy Organizing!



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