Favorite Organizing Tool #7

by Grace Brooke


My next all-time favorite organizing tool is the

Rubbermaid Plastic Edge Magazine Holder.


Check out this video (an oldie, but goodie) on how I use this product.

The Plastic Edge Magazine Holder is hard to find in retail stores, but easier found online at Staples, Office Depot and Amazon.

If you like to hold onto your favorite cooking magazines or catalogs, the Plastic Edge Magazine Holder will keep your publications organized and neat in any binder. I love using them, because I can pull a full collection of publications down off a shelf at one time as oppose to grabbing only one or two.

These holders work great in the office too. If you use catalogs as a reference, keep all your catalogs in one binder using the Plastic Edge Magazine Holder.

Use them for:

  • Household manuals
  • Newsletters
  • Training guides
  • Directories


Happy Organizing!!!




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