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by Grace Brooke

Commit Random Acts of Kindness


Tis the season of giving which makes it a perfect time to perform as many random acts of kindness as possible!

When was the last time you did something out of the goodness of your heart? Chipped in that extra couple of cents for the person in front of you at the grocery store or helped an elderly person down some stairs or brought dinner or cookies for someone in need?  There are so many things we can do to help someone everyday.  Especially during the holidays! Instead of all the take, take, take…lets give MORE than we receive!!  Take this time during the year to teach our children how they can make a difference in someone’s life simply by offering a smile to someone, opening a door, saying “thank you”, and sending homemade cards to those with little or no family.

This past Thanksgiving my kiddos and I dedicated a week to performing random acts of kindness. (I do them throughout the year in smaller ways, but took this time to get my children involved.) We had so much fun doing them! Kindness spreads… We found that as we took sweet goodies to our local fire house and sheriff’s department, we were given private VIP tours of the locations. It was a treat for all of us!

RAOK - Just CuzHere are a few more ideas that will get you inspired to take action!

  • Donating pajamas to any local Sleep Train
  • Donating unwrapped toys to a fire house or police station
  • Bringing cookies to the fire house
  • Sign up for a Secret Santa program at your local bank or grocery store
  • Asking a school if and when there will be a food drive
  • Show your child’s teacher just how much you appreciate him/her by bringing in supplies for the classroom
  • Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen for the holidays
  • Buy an extra coffee and give it to a homeless person
  • Send a heartfelt card to an old friend, family member or stranger
  • Gather up all the hotel shampoos and conditioners that have been collected during your travels and donate them to the women’s homeless shelter.
  • Treat an elderly person to an afternoon of pampering at a local nail salon or hair salon.



Spread the kindness…



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