No Closet? No Worries…

by Grace Brooke



A few months ago I was out house hunting. My spouse and I had found a home that we thought would be perfect for our family. It had so many great things going for it (on a cul-de-sac, had a pool, loved the floor plan, great neighbors, etc.). However, there was something odd about that house; it had NO CLOSET in the master bedroom! How did people survive in that home for the past 30 years without a closet to store all of their pants, shirts, handbags, hats and dresses? I was baffled. It got me thinking…

Are you closet-less?

This is a time when “thinking outside of the box” is a must. Here are some ideas that will hopefully inspire you to store and organize your clothes in a unique yet functional way. Just because you don’t have a closet doesn’t give you the excuse NOT organize your stuff! ;D

If you are someone who doesn’t want to SEE the STUFF, you’ll want to invest in rods, curtains/drapes or an armoire.


instant closet

A single clothes rod attached to the ceiling. Simple. Chic.

no closet, no problem

Add curtains to soften the look and cut down on visual clutter.

free standing unit

A free standing unit which you can customize to your needs.

single rod closet

A simple garment rack never hurt.

closet headboard

I would have to say this isn’t good Feng Shui, but definitely an interesting way to store clothes!

closet in armoire

Conceal items behind closed doors.

pretty closet

I like this system. Easy to put up and take down when you are ready to move.

Customize it your personal needs.

Kid closet

This is a bookshelf converted into a extra storage space for kid’s clothes.


I ADORE this idea.  An armoire just for shoes!!!  It looks so glamorous!  Everything is easily accessible, easily seen (nothings hiding in boxes or in the back) and of course dust free.  Who wants to dust shoes?  Don’t you hate that? You get ready to go out and grab your fancy, FUN shoes and they are all full of dust!  “Hold on honey, I need to dust my shoes off before we go.”

In the end, we didn’t buy the home (for other reasons – not because it didn’t have a master closet).

Happy Organizing!

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