4 Simple Tips To Streamline The Perfect Pantry

by Grace Brooke



If you are lucky enough to have a pantry, you already know pantries free up kitchen cabinet space for plates, glasses, cookware and other items.  Use these practical and creative ways to organize a pantry and create the perfect place for food storage and more.

What should be placed on the  top shelf of a pantry?

When organizing a pantry, the placement of commonly used goods is of the utmost importance.  Organize the top shelf with seldom-used items since they are difficult to reach.  They should not be heavy or difficult to hold onto.  Placing large bulky items on a top shelf is a safety hazard.  Baking supplies, napkins or seldomly used foods are perfect for the top shelf when trying to organize a pantry.


Repackaging Dry Goods

Dry goods such as crackers and cereal are not always easy to organize when left in the original packaging.  When organizing a pantry, consider repackaging dry goods including pasta, cereal, crackers, and snacks in clear, plastic or glass containers.   Repackaging these items into plastic or glass containers  will help your pantry look neater on the shelves and most importantly, they will stay fresher longer and be easier to see what you have left.



Organize Pantry Food According to Variety

An unorganized pantry is filled with an array of canned goods, boxed foods and more.  This makes specific goods impossible

to find.  Remove everything from the pantry and organize food in different categories.  For example, line up and stack all your canned veggies.  Organize an area for pasta sauces and canned tomato products. Organize soups in another location.  Wire racks work perfectly for organizing cans.  Where lazy Susan’s work nicely for spices, oils, vinegars, sauces and smaller items such as baking goods. This will make locating specific items much easier and as a result, the pantry will look much neater.  Be sure to store vinegars, oils and syrup on spill proof mats for easy clean up.



Organizing Small Packets and Snacks

Small items such as drink mixes and spice packets are a little more difficult to organize in a pantry.  I prefer clear plastic bins to store healthy snacks in for my kids.  So when they ask me for a snack, I can grab the bin, set it on the counter and they can make their own decision. Or instead of using plastic, you could use pretty lined baskets.  Use one basket for spice mix packets and another for drink mixes.  When they are the right size the contents will be easy to organize, thumb through and locate.  Also, the lined baskets will add visual appeal to an otherwise ordinary storage space.  I also suggest to clients one of my all-time favorite organizing products to store these items. It is the clear, plastic, over-the-door shoe organizer. Hang it from the wall or door. You could also line the walls of the pantry with wall paper to add a little pizazz to your pantry.

Store all your appliances such as crock pots, blenders and heavy mixers on the bottom shelf of your pantry. It is also a good idea to take them out of their  boxes for easy accessibility.

Happy Organizing!

Simplify in order to thrive


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