Closet Chaos – Biggest Mistake Made

by Grace Brooke

Closet Organization

Want to know what the biggest mistake people make when organizing a closet is according to a Professional Closet Designer? Keep reading…

Have you ever thought about having a professional closet designer visit your home?  Some may think of it as a luxury, while other know of it as a necessity! As a Organizing and Efficiency Specialist, I know the importance of having the right tools and systems to simplify life.

Recently, I had the great privilege of interviewing Frank Longhetto, owner of Closet Crafters.  I am so excited to share the inside scoop about his amazing closet systems.

First, let me fill you in about Frank, he has been in the closet business since 1985.  He was looking for a job in San Diego and was hired as a closet installer.  Frank told me, he still prefers to be the one to visit peoples homes and/or offices and design their perfect closet system.  He finds so much joy in closet organization.  He says, “It really changes peoples lives.”  It’s not like a diet where you have to wait for a result!  This life changing experience occurs when your closet is complete.  There is a home for everything in your closet and everything you need is easily accessible.

Frank always asks his customers what their priorities are when they are searching for the perfect closet system.  His main priority of organization is accessibility.  What good is organizing if you can’t reach it?  He gave a great example of using an extended hanging bar that covers up your shoes at the bottom of your closet.  What good is it if you have to get down on the ground to search for your shoes?

When I asked Frank, “What is the biggest mistake people make when trying to organize their closets?”  He said, “When people invest in small patchwork items that do not work they end up spending hundreds of dollars on inexpensive items that keep breaking when they could have invested that money on a custom designed closet system.” Another mistake people make when trying to organize their closets is putting a spare dresser in a reach-in closet.  This can really do damage to the closet doors.


80/20 rule


When talking about closet organization, Frank shared his 80/20 rule (which I believe every organizer out there knows).  He said, “People wear 20% of what they own while the other 80% sits in the closet collecting dust.”  Frank is a big fan of seasonal storage.  He says it’s great to store your seasonal clothing labeled in a storage bin up on a shelf.

I have personally worked with Closet Crafters on a couple projects and have enjoyed each experience. I highly recommend using Closet Crafters to simplify any size closet or pantry.  Not only do they specialize in closets, but they specialize in garages, office, media and commercial.  Visit the website at

Happy Organizing!

Simplify in order to thrive

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