Simplifying The Linen Closet

by Grace Brooke

Organized Linen Closet


Have you ever wanted to use your linen closet for something else but had no idea where to store all your linens?  Sometimes all you need to do is a good purging of your closet… Declutter those old sheets that you are saving (you know, for when you paint or go camping or…).  And those extra pillows with stains on them for guests to use when they stay the night. And the 15 bath towel you are holding onto because “they are still good”.  It is time to DITCH them!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to find a new purpose for these things, but put a limit on the amount of STUFF you hold onto to simplify your life and create a positive, healthy energy in your home.  If your husband wants your old torn, tattered towels for washing the car, then find a new home for them in the garage. Just keep 2 of them!

My hope for you is to simplify so you can thrive.  To simplify means to eliminate the unimportant to make room for what IS important. When you keep only the stuff that you LOVE, brings you JOY and serves a PURPOSE, you shift the energy in your home to something more positive and healthy.

It is important to have limits when it comes to our STUFF. Here is what I share with my clients when it comes to linen closets and limits.

  • 2 bath towels per person (kept in the bathroom where they are used)
  • 2 hand towels per bathroom (kept in the bathroom where they are used)
  • 2-3 wash clothes per person (kept in the bathroom where they are used)
  • 2-3 extra bath towels for guests (kept in linen closet or guest room)
  • 1 set of sheets per bed (wash and put right back on – no need for storage space!). If you need to hold onto 2 sets, keep the extra set of sheets in the room where they will be used.

When it comes to extra bedding (blankets and pillows), storing them in vacuum sealed bags are best (and saves lots of space) and kept in the linen closet (or under the guest bed).

When it comes to beach towels, grab a large canvas bag and stock it with all your beach supplies (sunscreen, hand wipes, sun glasses, beach toys and extra plastic bags for wet clothes) and keep your beach towels rolled up nicely inside the bag. Just grab and go when you have the urge to hit the beach. Keep the “beach bag” in the coat closet, mud room or in the garage.




Going back to sheets and bedding, grab some baskets or book-ends to store your sheets and put them up in the closet of the bedroom they belong in. Or simply keep them in a drawer in your night stand or dresser.


Rolled Towels

 Roll towels and store them on a magazine rack in your bathroom.


So what are you going to do with this new, reclaimed space now that your linen closet has been purged? Maybe you could create the gift wrapping station, scrapbooking center or sewing center that you have always wanted? Or convert it into a toy closet!

I would LOVE to hear about all your transformations!

Happy Organizing!

keep only what you love

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