Cleaning Tips from the Experts

by Grace Brooke

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Ever wonder how to you can make cleaning your home more fun and be more efficient with your time?   Cleaning the house is one thing I’d rather not do. Instead of spending hours cleaning on a weekend, I would rather explore the beautiful wine country I live in, play with my children or go on a hike. Recently, I interviewed my friend, Diem Tran who owns, Simply Maid Home in Sonoma County. I personally use Simply Maid Home and LOVE their professionalism, friendliness and the products they use!
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When I asked her, “How and why did you get into the industry?”
Diem answered, “I worked for the largest house cleaning company in the U.S. for about 2 years doing sales and I loved it. Post college, I decided to open my own business doing what I loved. I wanted to create a traditional business such as house cleaning with a modern management style through empowerment and encouraging personal growth among my team.”


She has so generously shared some of her tips and tricks to cleaning.


I had to ask her, “What is your favorite cleaning tip?” 
Diem said, ” I LOVE the top-down, left-right method. This is: begin your cleaning at the top level (ceiling corners) and work your way down as you dust or wipe surfaces, then move to your right as you complete one vertical section. This prevents fallen dust to land on areas you’ve already clean and helps you not forget to cover an area because you’re moving about the room systematically.”


“What is a common mistake people make when purchasing cleaning products or supplies?” I asked.
Diem answered, ” They like to think that abrasiveness is what helps clean the surface. They believe more bleach or more chemicals will make the cleaning easier and all they’ll have to do when they get home is spray, leave and then wipe. The truth is cleaning is a routine, that’s what keeps things clean. We have good cleaning products, but they’re not magic…cleaning is best when consistent and it only takes a few minute a day to avoid any build up that would ever require the toxic products.”


Check out Diem’s Top 3 Tips to cleaning:
#1 If you have frosted glass shower doors that are not treated for hard water, apply a coat of lemon oil to the side facing the shower. This will help repel water deposits and keep your door like new.


#2 Use an apron when cleaning. This will cut your cleaning time down by 15%. Have your cleaning products and towels hanging off your apron so they are ready for use so you don’t have to walk back and forth to get the necessary items from your storage closet. It’s like rapidly drawing your cleaning gun from your holster on dirt villains!


#3 Don’t throw away used toothbrushes. Instead, use them to clean the groves of the faucet. Toothbrushes are soft enough to not scratch the hardware while fine enough to pull the dirt out from the crack where the faucet meets the sink.


Want to learn more or have Diem’s team visit your home, check out the website at


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