Moving Soon?

by Grace Brooke


You’ve heard the saying, “Moving sucks!”.  It can be a stressful, painful and a overwhelming experience and most of the time, should be left to the professionals!

Since we started offering packing and unpacking services a little over a year ago, I continue to be on the lookput for reputable moving companies to refer to clients.

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Eric at Tana Movers this past week.  I am sure you have seen them around town if you live in Sonoma or Marin County.  I have even seen them in my own neighborhood.  After I checked into them through YELP and saw their five star ratings, I thought they would be the perfect company to contact for some credible information.  Lets face it, no one LOVES to move.  The hassle of getting boxes and delicately packing all of your priceless belongings SUCKS!  We’ve all experienced the lovely headaches and backaches that come with moving. It is well worth the investment to hire professionals to help with any size project!

GB, LLC: “What is the biggest mistake people make when moving?”

Tana Movers: “People underestimate how much stuff they actually have.  It is so important to really get your items organized.  The better organized you are, the faster the move.

Some great tips Eric shared is to place all your smaller boxes into one large box.  It makes it a lot easier to move.  Instead of moving a bunch of cereal sized boxes, put them all in one large box.  Makes sense, right? Another great tip is to use a Dolly.  (No, not the ones that little girls dress and play with).  They are so helpful in moving boxes and larger, heavier items with ease.

Have some items that need to go to Goodwill but are too large for your car?  They can haul it away at NO EXTRA COST!  Now where can you find a moving company that does this?  AMAZING!!

The best tip of all is to remember you get what you pay for.  If you want quality moving for all your priceless possessions, it is worth the investment.

So check out Tana Movers at or contact them at (707) 293-4277.  Eric said they have traveled as far as Santa Barbara, Los Gatos, Chico and even Lake Tahoe!  Remember, “Smile, Help is here…”

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