What Do You Use For Stains?

by Grace Brooke

on top of dryer or shelf, use wicker tray, glass candy jar for powder laundry detergent, aquare candle holder with small wood sppon for baking powder, plain glass vinegar bottle, glass jar with one flower - all for laundry stain removers!

WOW!!!  I absolutely LOVED reading all of your fabulous responses on my Facebook page about what you use for certain stains!  Thank you so much for taking the time to participate.  It is so hard to know exactly what works for what stains until you try it or hear about it.  Otherwise, how do you know what to use to get the stain out?  Also, when’s the right time to apply the stain remover?  Some people believe that once you have washed and dried a garment that is stained and the stain hasn’t disappeared, then it’s a goner.  Well let’s take a look at what everyone had to say about this hot topic of stain removers.

Blood stains:  Zout (tip by Kelly Llyod)

Coffee stains:  Ice Cubes (tip by Mirjam de Rijk)

Grass stains:  Zout (tip by Kelly Llyod)

Ink stains:  Hairspray (tip by Michele Curcio)

Juice stains:  Zout (tip by Kelly Llyod)

Oil and Grease stains:  Dawn Power Clean dish-washing soap  (tip by Kelly Llyod).

Stains on White Clothing:  OxyClean (tip by Sonja Patton Hardy)

All Stains:

Fels Naptha (old fashioned laundry bar)(tip by Jolene Fiscella)

Mix of Dawn and Peroxide (tip by Mirjam de Rijk)

Natural Oxyclean and shout (tip by Michele Curcio)

Oxiclean spray (tip by Shelly Arredondo and Annette Giroux)

Stain “Tide” sticks (tip by Denise Nickerson and Angela Lofton-Berry Moore)

Zout (tip by Lynn Figone)

Now print this out and pin it up next to your washer machine.  When in doubt, check it out!

The world would be a much better place without stains.  I do have to say that I loved Dayna Harvey’s stain removing tip of , “I just buy new clothes.”  

Happy Organizing!

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