Home Organizing Tips – Lego Storage Ideas

by Grace Brooke


If you have kids, you know the excruciating pain of  stepping on a Lego piece with bare feet!  It makes you want to throw them ALL in the GARBAGE!!!!  The only good thing about Legos is the fact that your kids will sit in their rooms for HOURS on end playing with them.  It’s really bitter sweet!

As an organizer and mom of two, I am often asked, “What are the best ways to store and organize Legos?”

Here are a few unique ideas and clever ways to store and organize those pesky little buggars… I mean toys.

Lego Cabinet

store and play



I absolutely LOVE this idea of taking a binder and some sheet protectors to create a Lego Instruction Manual.  It is perfect to store all the Lego instruction sheets and booklets.

Happy Organizing!

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