6 Tips To Declutter Your Home Before A Move

by Grace Brooke

6 Tips For Declutter Your Home Before A Move

Getting ready to move and not quite sure where to start? Do you have so much “stuff” that you just want to throw it all into boxes and sort it out later?   The mere thought of packing up all your belongings into boxes making you stressed and overwhelmed?  Let’s take a different approach.  One that will free you of some of the heaviness and weight you may feel when looking at the overall, big picture. Decluttering and downsizing what you have before a move can be very beneficial and save you lots of stress on the other end.  The unused and unwanted things that have costs you time, money and energy are not worth any more time or energy packing up to move to your next location.  Make the choice now to minimize your possessions; to keep only what holds true value and start creating new habits for yourself and family before moving into your new home.  I advise people to keep only the things they love, that bring them joy and serve a purpose. Everything else is clutter! Keep in mind, the less you have to pack and unpack = less to move = less time and energy sorting through your treasures in your new home.  It’s a win win! 

Here are 6 tips for decluttering your home before a move:

1) Create a Plan and Stick With It!  Envision yourself a few weeks from now.  Have a vision or a theme for your new home and future lifestyle.  What do you want it to feel and look like?  “Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

2) Prepare yourself and be ok with letting go.  Purging is a process.  You may want to hold onto things because of the cost, it was a gift or it was once valuable but hasn’t been used in a year or more.  Are you holding onto items out of scarcity, guilt or a false sense of security? Be ruthless with yourself. Your new home and lifestyle will thank you.

3)  Toss, Donate and Downsize.  Gather up anything that is broken, stained or torn to be tossed or donated. This includes all the things that are no longer useful or serve a purpose and get them out of your home.  Even those items that never got unpacked from your previous move (you know the boxes hiding in the back corner of the garage)! Stop buying groceries and household items in bulk now so you will have less stuff to pack and move.  If you have duplicates of things, pair down and only keep the one in the best condition.

4) Give Yourself Time.  Keep it simple and don’t over think it.  Go room by room and take your time, then rest.  Begin the downsizing process weeks or even months before your move.  There’s no need to get overwhelmed. Priorities your home room by room. This will help you manage each project and keep the mess contained. 

  • Sort things into “keep” “give” and “trash” piles.  When sorting into your “keep” pile only keep the things that are practical, useful, and extremely meaningful.
  • Put away or box up what you “keep”. Remember to remove the things that take up too much space or detracts from the showing of your home. You want it to be open, clutter-free and inviting.  Think about keeping that mentality in your new home as well.
  • Haul the rest away.  If you feel you have time and energy, consider having a ‘moving sale’. Use Craigslist to sell bigger items. If you plan to leave a majority of your items behind, contact an Estate Sale Coordinator. Otherwise, pay it forward and donate to your favorite charity.

 5) Ask for Help.  Things will be easier to toss when you have a system and a buddy to keep you focused and motivated.  Plus it tends to speed the process along.

6) What would you grab in case of a fire?  Obviously, you should think of saving only people and animals.  However, thinking about this in the abstract can really show you what you value and what’s the most important to you and your family.  If you can live without it, do you really need it?  Keep this in mind when decluttering, minimizing and packing each part of your home.

Bottom line, it’s all subjective.  It comes down to what is too much for you.  Use this time as an opportunity to create your new home, filled with only the things you truly love, bring you joy and serve a purpose.  Good luck!


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